Airbrush Tanning

An Airbrush Tan is a safe and flawless tan that is customizable to your skin tone. It gives you an even, natural-looking tan that can be as deep or as light as you feel comfortable with.
Airbrush tanning
Some tips for before you tan:

  • Take a shower and exfoliate the skin to remove any residue of perfume, deodorants, lotions, or any other foreign substances on the skin
  • You may tan in the garment of your choice
  • Wear loose-fitting dark-colored clothing and flip flops because the bronzer can rub off on your clothing and shoes
  • To avoid age spots, freckles,, moles, etc. from getting darker, apply cosmetic concealer over the areas to block the solution

Immediately after tanning:

  • Do not wash your hands for at least 4 hours, or shower for 24 hours
  • Do not apply moisturizer
  • Avoid perspiring

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